We’re alternative asset specialists

Altor Capital is an alternative asset manager with an investment philosophy focused on protecting the downside and positioning for the upside. We grow our investors’ wealth through investment strategies designed to deliver a superior risk-return profile compared to traditional asset classes.


Our investment philosophy

We believe that through active management in alternative assets we can generate superior risk adjusted returns via exploiting market inefficiencies

Protect the downside

We seek to understand the downside before investing and to minimise the risk through multiple processes

Stick to your knitting

We do not believe we can be experts in all assets, however, we can be specialists in niche alternative assets

Follow the process

Repeatable investment process to identify opportunities in inefficient markets

Invest with patient capital

Provides superior returns through
market cycles

Our ethos

Altor is Latin for ‘Protector’ or ‘Educator’. These words go to the heart of what we do.

We take the responsibility of investing our clients’ money seriously and see our role as being both the protector of wealth and educator around investment making decisions. Alignment is ingrained in our culture as we co-invest alongside our clients and seek to form long standing relationships with our clients to help achieve their investment objectives.

Our drive

Altor Capital is continuously searching for investment opportunities where we believe we can add most value and at the same time align ourselves with clients that share our culture of integrity, honesty and straight talking.

Our team

Our team has investment experience spanning over 40 years cumulatively with a multi-disciplinary skill-set across investment banking, wealth management, private equity, private credit, venture capital, operations, business management and strategy.

Meet the team