Alpha Fund

The Altor Alpha Fund invests capital via a flexible special opportunities mandate across a broad range of sectors.


Mandate & investment strategy

The Fund seeks investment opportunities which offer commensurate returns for the risks involved. Investment opportunities are based on a broad set of principles:

  • Investing in micro, small and mid-capitalisation companies;
  • Asymmetric risk/return profile and catalyst driven investment; 
  • Investing in companies where securities are being issued or sold below assessed intrinsic valuation;
  • Investment based on large macro-thematics;
  • Investing in a range of structures including equity, hybrids, options and term debt;
  • Going short indices or specific companies; and
  • Pre-IPO unlisted opportunities (within portfolio limits).

Fund structure

Open-ended, unlisted unit trust

Style and risk profile

Multi strategy mandate with high risk profile


David McNamee

Portfolio Manager – Alpha Fund


We have a proven track record in micro-cap and small cap investing and nurture strong relationships while securing access to exclusive opportunities

Absolute return

Value add to core investments

Strong and proven track record

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