AltFi Income Fund

The Altor AltFi Income Fund specialises in a diversified portfolio of private credit to SMEs with a target distribution of 10% p.a. paid quarterly. 


Mandate & investment strategy

The Fund is a return maximising private credit strategy with a focus on senior secured loans protecting downside while offering potential upside through attaching equity instruments. The Fund employs an extensive investment process that align with the Fund’s mandate and Altor’s philosophy. Rigorous qualitative and quantitative borrower due diligence covers key areas of credit investment that the investment team have built over extensive learnings and investment cycles. 

The Fund works with each borrower’s management and board to present a debt structure that aligns with their needs. Further, there are several key structuring elements considered in each facility to enhance capital preservation characteristics and deliver a strong risk return profile.

Fund structure

Open-ended, unlisted unit trust

Style and risk profile

To provide investors with a return-maximising fixed income strategy via private credit investments

Research Ratings


Benjamin Harrison

Chief Investment Officer

Tom Cochrane

Associate Portfolio Manager


We have a return maximising strategy in micro-cap and small cap investing and nurture strong relationships while securing access to exclusive opportunities

Target return of +10% p.a. paid quarterly

Value add to core investments

Strong and proven track record

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We’re alternative asset specialists investing alongside our clients.

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